SpearIndia has been at the service of India's textile Industry, with a focus on continuously adding value through marketing and service Process focusing on investors benefits.

We maintain close contact with all customers as well as Principals, aligning changing needs of customers to appropriate technological advances.


India's Finishing segment has grown to be number one against competing nations. SpearIndia's major contribution to this sector is through its its principals Arttex (Taiwan), Bando (korea), Askme (Taiwan), Sertek's (Turkey)renowned world leader's in supplying complete range of machines for finishing.

SpearIndia approach is to not merely market equipment, but service it as well. In this process SpearIndia Leverages its representation of all major accessories and spares. such as KANAI (Japan) Card Clothing for Raising wire, United States supply Inc(USA) Compacting felt, Bowoo (Korea) Endless felt, Madhu (India) Conveyor belt & Teflon sheet.


At the very outset of the recent growth phase in India's Terry Towel sector, SpearIndia stepped in with its representation of Length Slitting & Hemming machines, Cross cutting & Hemming machines from Bando (Korea). Foreseeing investment and growth in Terry Towel Production, SpearIndia moved in to represent like-minded principals offering the most advanced technologies. SpearIndia offers 'total home textile solutions’ through its principals Bando Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1979 that has Developed automatic piece sewing system. Bando machines are wide spread to many national piece sewing (towel, turban, handkerchief, scarf, bed sheeting, Table-cloth, table cover, wool pack, container bag, turban etc.) Companies. This towel or piece cloth sewing system is fully automated by a precision machine and high-tech electronic controller, has been a great support for those companies which have been suffering from a problem of high wage and low efficiency.


Recent interesting developments have placed SpearIndia in a new role as a marketing person for the re-established new management at Sertek's (Turkey).

With growing demand for printed cloth involving Multi-colour design patterns & recognizing the critical importance of Circular piece printing, SpearIndia services Circular piece printing machines through Askme (Taiwan).


95% of our clients repeat their orders with us. This is Because we offer them machinery that is fully complete, And in excellent condition, backed by our impeccable service, including the most careful handling, the fastest shipments, and the easiest terms.


With its dedication to providing total solutions in all the Textiles segments represented, SpearIndia is continually building capabilities, and offering value addition and innovation in its products and solutions. Over the years, SpearIndia has earned the trust of its clientele through its focused team work, agility and responsiveness, reactivity, and resourcefulness in meeting the most specialized customer needs.

What We DO:

Promoting new Dyeing and finishing:
Technical Consultancy Services:
Scientific Work method Training:
Modernisation of Existing Plant and Machinery:
Automating the Existing Plant & Machinery:
Sourcing the Spare Parts:
Valuation and Auditing of the plant and Machinery:
Provides Consultancy for Construction of Building:
Provides Consultancy for Humidification and Hot air Exhaust